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Sully County Drug Dog Dispute Continues

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Despite the donation of a certified drug dog for law enforcement purposes in Sully County, the Sully County commissioners have not accepted the donation, claiming that it would raise property taxes.

Sully County Deputy Sheriff Jordan Anderson offered to donate his dog to Sully County to serve as a certified drug dog back in March. Subsequently, the Sully County Commissioners passed a resolution saying that they do not support having a drug dog at this time.

The issue comes at a time where drugs are becoming an epidemic in the state. Drug crimes soared by over 12 percent in South Dakota in 2016 alone.

Sully County Sheriff Bill Stahl sought an opinion for the drug dog dilemma from Attorney General Marty Jackley.

Stahl says that Jackley found that he needs commission approval for a drug dog...


Sully County Commission Chairman Jerry Richards, when reached for comment by KCCR News, stated that all legal questions go through Sully County States Attorney Emily Sovell. Sovell did not return a call requesting comment Monday.

Stahl adds that the commissioners feel that it’s the responsibility of the South Dakota Highway Patrol to use a drug dog on the county highways...


Stahl says that he is not sure at this point if he is going to push further for the drug dog. He adds “I don’t want to lose a deputy over this issue.” 

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Loretta Harkless said on 5/21/2017:
I can't believe the County Commissioners won't approve the drug dog! Seriously, the drugs are a big problem in our small communitties with the meth and other drug dealers moving in and ruining or towns. I say do everything you can to help solve this problem so it might raise taxes what's more important raising taxes or protecting our children? Why aren't they doing everything they can to help protect or children and grandchildren from these people. I think they should take the drug dog to the schools & wherever to get these dealers out of the community and get the kids in the school help before it's to late for them. If you think you don't have a problem in your community you are a fool.

Avis Hanson said on 5/16/2017:
Seems to somehow "Sully" the commissioners. Why don't they want a drug dog. Who are they protecting, the people in the communities? Or the drug dealers.

Jim Bright said on 5/16/2017:
Even though we have moved I still feel that the commissioners are being very stubborn about this issue. They need to rethink this.

smeans said on 5/16/2017:
a drug dog is an asset to any community. Go ahead and stick your heads in the sand Sully County but you need one. One dog cant eat that much so not sure why your worried about taxes..smh

m allum said on 5/16/2017:
I can't believe yall are even questioning this! Drug use in SD gets worse every day and you can't figure this out? Seriously?

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