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Pierre Utility Rate Increase Proposed

Friday, August 4, 2017

A two percent increase in water and wastewater utility rates is currently part of the preliminary budget for the city of Pierre next year.

The Pierre City Commission is currently in the thick of their budget process. The final budget needs to be complete by the end of September.

Pierre Interim City Administrator Brad Palmer says the utility rate hike, if approved, would go into effect on January 1st. He says the rate increase is only a preliminary proposal at this point.

He says the reason for the proposed wastewater rate increase is to finance some infrastructure needs at the city wastewater plant…

(Utility Rate Increase 1)

Palmer says that the proposed two percent water rate increase would be part of the ongoing water study that is occurring…

(Utility Rate Increase 2)

The final water study for the city will not be complete until early next year according to Palmer.

If the city commissioners decide not to raise utilities, Palmer says they will have to dig deep within the budget…

(Utility Rate Increase 3)

The commission increased utility rates by 9 percent for water and waste-water rates beginning the first of this year. There is no electric utility rate increase proposed for 2018.  

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