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Pierre School Leaders Looking To Address Workforce Needs

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Pierre School Superintendent Dr. Kelly Glodt recently attended the Western Governors Association meeting in Sioux Falls, where they brainstormed about workforce development.

Finding enough workers for jobs in South Dakota will continue to be a problem for some time. A recent survey by Market Street Services called the shortage a “crisis,” and urged action by local and state officials.

Glodt says that the Governor is not sitting still in regards to the crisis…

(Glodt Workforce 1)

Glodt says this initiative is an exciting thing for kids in South Dakota, especially in Pierre…

(Glodt Workforce 2)

He adds that there needs to be additional resources for those students that are not on the path to graduation, but want to be in the workforce…

(Glodt Workforce 3)

Glodt adds that the Pierre School District has a number of special programs for kids who struggle to get the necessary help, but he thinks there may be some credit opportunities available in the future for those who get out in the community and work. 

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