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GF&P Receives Update On Pheasant Numbers

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

PIERRE, S.D. (WNAX-AM) -- While the summer road survey shows pheasant numbers down, hunters should still have a good chance at success this fall.

The South Dakota Game, Fish & Parks Department Board got an update Friday on the brood count released last month that showed a forty five percent drop in birds in the roadside survey.

Game biologist Travis Runia (ruin-ya) says the numbers look somewhat similar to 2013:

AUDIO: Runia 9-12-17 Cut A

Runia says the traditional hunting areas have the majority of birds:

AUDIO: Runia 9-12-17 Cut B

Runia says dry conditions came very early in most nesting areas.

AUDIO: Runia 9-12-17 Cut C

Runia also pointed to a big drop in CRP acres, which is prime nesting for pheasants.

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