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Former Riggs Standout Sam Willard Playing Basketball Overseas

Friday, August 11, 2017

Sam Willard has tasted success in the world of international basketball by sticking to his roots, and the lessons he learned on the court at Riggs High School.  Willard said that, when you are an American playing in Japan, you have to adapt to how they play.  He said that the team is always trying to develop their game to a higher level--and it's working. 

And while it's still a sport, make no mistake, Willard said that you have to produce--both by staying healthy, and being productive on the court--Willard has missed only five games in five years while he has played in Japan.  He went on to say that the bonding process of the team helps keep them consistent.

And in the stands the fan base is very vocal.  Willard said that he has a fantastic relationship with the fans--and they are very respectful of him and his family--and they'll follow the team when they're on the road.
And when he's not on the court, he and wife Morgan travel the countryside, and on rare occasions, some local friends come to visit.

In the offseason, Willard now resides in Tea, just a few blocks from his sister Jesse, who is married, and has two boys.

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