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City Of Pierre Beings Mosquito Control Operations

Friday, July 14, 2017

The City of Pierre Parks Department began its mosquito control fogging operations this week in residential areas.

The city uses a three-pronged approach to reduce the mosquito population. This includes removal of stagnant water to eliminate mosquito breeding habitats, larviciding to kill mosquitos before they hatch, and adulticiding to eliminate adult mosquitos.

Tom Farnsworth, City Parks and Recreation Director, says that citizen partnership is necessary for the program to be successful …

(Farnsworth 1)

He says that fogging in residential neighborhoods will only be conducted as weather permits…

(Farnsworth 2)

Farnsworth encourages residents to use extra precautions while outside in the evening hours…

(Farnsworth 3)

Farnsworth encourages residents to empty bird baths, tire swings, and other outdoor containers that collect water. 

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