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Blunt Apartment Fire Occurs Early Friday

Friday, May 19, 2017

The Blunt fire department had an early morning wakeup call Friday morning after a woman fell asleep without properly extinguishing her cigarette.

According to Blunt Fire Chief Travis Heuertz, the department was dispatched to an apartment complex in the 300 block of Bluff Street at approximately 2:00 A.M.

Upon arrival, the apartment complex was evacuated. A neighbor to the apartment put out the fire before crews arrived. The fire burnt up a chair, a carpet, and a curtain in the apartment complex. The apartment also suffered extensive smoke damage.

Heurtz says that everyone was back in their apartment at approximately 3:00 AM.  

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Loretta Harkless said on 5/20/2017:
That's what happens when you allow smoking in apartment complexes. Thank God no one was hurt or killed it could have been much different. The owner shouldn't allow smoking in the apartments for the safety of the other people living there.

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